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Grandeur of guest experience programs

From the development of the ideas and event logistics, execution of the hospitality programs, through to on the day delivery, operation and post-event evaluation.

From the development of the ideas and event logistics, execution of the hospitality programs, through to on the day delivery, operation and post-event evaluation.

Hard work meets passion

Our CHAMPIONS SERVICES along with dedication, passion, methodology, tradition, hands on approach and hard work, create unforgettable memories and foundations for growth not only for you personally as a fan, but also for your businesses and clients you decide to take on that journey along with.

Incentives and brand activation

These unique and unforgettable guest programs, breathtaking incentives, brand activations transfer our philosophy into action and bring you the return you would expect from being on the top of the game!

Journey to succeed

We have assembled highly qualified and dedicated team of experts and personnel to coordinate every component of your journey, to ensure your memories are impeccable and success of the program inevitable.

Find out how can you Re-ignite growth in your business with Grandeur of Champions Experiences!


Accommodation plays a major role in a traveler’s overall experience when visiting a place. It is one of the biggest components of traveler’s journey. Therefore it plays major role in the industry we are in.

Our accommodation managers deal with all of the elements that nobody else wants to, regardless if its a group of 100 guests or 2 individuals! - human resources, budgets and inventory management. We make sure that the processes of booking, reservation, and delivery are seamless and effortless.

Our team takes care of every detail

  • Provision of accurate rooming lists are provided detailing guest information to facilitate swift check-in.
  • Addressing specific needs and special requests e.g. disability requirements.
  • Ensuring guest information shared with the hotel remains confidential.
  • Efficient check in processes – pre loading guest details will allow for room keys to be allocated prior to guest arrival.
  • A refreshing cold drink and hot towel will be offered as guests arrive at the hotel

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Effective transportation management keeps a company's whole supply chain running smoothly. Successful transportation execution, is a key to success of every program.

We have more than 10 years of experience in executing logistic operations, even in the most challenging countries. Since then we have successfully moved nearly 80.000 guests around the world.

Our team makes sure all angles are covered

  • We have an established meet and greet service at the Madrid Airport.
  • ABSOLUT Sport Airport Coordinators, will be located in the airport terminals.
  • Their role will be to constantly track and navigate between gates, to receive guests and make sure they are escorted to their vehicles.
  • We have extensive knowledge of Madrid, it’s infrastructure.
  • All of our vehicles are modern with high standard.
  • All of our drivers are local and will undertake training to relay our expected standards and be briefed on the details of the programme.
  • WiFi available on every transfer.
  • 24hrs live GPS-route monitoring, so we always know where you are.

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Sport games bring people together and create great conversations. More and more brands understand they get more value out of their sport sponsorship and ticket investments than out of any other incentive program.

Tickets mean money in the world of sport, and those bring valuable partnership, at the same time they are one of the key elements of each of the programs. We build ticket management strategies and execute them for our clients. Our precision and attention to detail on leveraging those assets, drives revenue and reignites growth of the companies.

Our ticket management processes involve the following

  • Ticket collection on behalf of the client.
  • Allocation of tickets to ticket order requests.
  • Communicate and confirmations of allocated ticket orders.
  • Guest invitations / communications.
  • Guest registrations and RSVP.
  • Extensive reporting

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At ABSOLUT Sport we believe in people, who by their outstanding performance are the ones who make the difference, and create our ultimate guest journey.

Our staff are mixture of experienced travel managers and experience coordinators and local guides and chaperones. We believe in good old think local, act global and with this in mind majority of our staff can:

  • Fluently speak Spanish, English often other languages like (italian, german, portuguese, french etc.).
  • We are in close partnership with recruitment agencies who help us source the best local professionals, in line with local laws and regulations.
  • Our staff members are able to answer even most difficult questions, and if they don’t have the answer, they know how to escalate the request in order to get back to you almost immediately.
  • We make sure that apart from great attitudes and smiley faces they are well trained and properly briefed and have full knowledge of expectations on the day.

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ABSOLUT Sport over the last 10 years being on the market has established excellent etiquette, untouchable reputation and one in a kind palette of services.

Our concierge department specializes in management of the bespoke services and ground support for all of our clients.

Every guest joining us on the Game day experience program can expect a dedicated call centre able to assist with additional services like

  • Restaurant bookings (priority of access).
  • Executive Assistance.
  • Private Customizable Tours.
  • Optional dedicated chauffeured vehicle rentals.
  • Our Madrid “know how” team will be able to help you with any questions you might have whilst you are on the move!

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A key component of a successful hospitality programme is accurate, concise and timely communication with our guests.

It’s a great deal for us to make sure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. We will utilize and incorporate relevant technologies to connect with all guests.

Guest communications process will have the following primary goals

  • Maintaining necessary functional information flows during pre, during and post-event.
  • Contributing to the overall Champions League Final experience by keeping all guests up to date and informed.
  • Capturing feedback for assessing success and gaining insight to the desired business objectives. 

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